Changing rooms

The arrival soon of a hospital bed for me has necessitated that I have a bigger room. Chris had suggested he give up his large office room before but I hate re-arrangement of furniture etc so much I’d said no to it. What an idiot I was !

They spent 9 hours on the job yesterday whilst I stayed at Kate and Jonathan’s flat (thanks again, guys)

The transformation is quite incredible. It has made me feel so loved both the work they’ve done and the uncomplaining way in which they‘ve done it.

3 thoughts on “Changing rooms

  1. nadine

    Hello to you all,

    What a lovely feeling to be so loved.

    The herons flying over the Mill Pond conjures up such a beautiful vision. Can I come and stay too?

    Love Nadinex

  2. flobbalobb

    Hi Elaine, have followed you on TES and on here, so pleased you comffortable in your new room. You truly are a wonderful person and I am only too sorry that I live too far away to meet you!

  3. chris Post author

    Elaine, it’s great to see you in your new room with all the extra space. Now you will be able to hold court to more than one visitor at a time. And watch the herons fly over the Mill Pond.

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