“Keep buggering on”

Elaine’s ability to move around has greatly deteriorated over the past couple of weeks or so. Last night, she only made it up the stairs with an extreme effort, and with me doing everything I could to help from behind. But at the top, she finally lost her remaining strength, and just lay down in the corridor. I couldn’t get her up, and we decided it was a job for the paramedics so we called an ambulance. They were terrific, and soon got Elaine to the bathroom and then back to bed.

Yesterday morning, we had been visited by A, the occupational therapist who is sorting out a hospital bed and all sorts of aids for Elaine. But it is very doubtful whether there is going to be any solution to the stairs problem.

Elaine decided a couple of days ago that sadly there was no way she would be able to make the journey to Cambridge. So Kate will come over and stay while I take Morgan down to Cambridge.

I’ve just read this to Elaine and she replied, Churchill had a saying for this: “Keep buggering on”.

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