More student appreciation

Elaine continues to be buoyed up by messages from former students and their families as they learn of Elaine’s illness.

Today she received the following:

“We were so sorry to hear about your health problems and that you were leaving ***** School. Z was particularly upset as he has the utmost respect for you as a teacher and really appreciates how much you have done to make English an enjoyable subject for him. His father and I never thought it possible that Z would ever actually enjoy creative writing as he has always been so resisitant to trying it and he now freely admits that he finds it very satisfying. He also now voluntarily contributes to the ***** School Times which we find amazing. We feel that this is all down to you as his teacher, you have brought this out of him and inspired him. We want to thank you so much for all that you have done and let you know how much you will be missed at ***** school.”

Tomorrow, we go to Cookridge for an assessment of how Elaine is doing and whether she is strong enough for the next round of chemo.

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