Hospitalised again

In spite of the best efforts of the district nurses and Dr H, and their lines and anti-sickness jabs, Elaine had yet another distressed night, and was feeling terrible this morning. A further attack of rigor with vomiting and diarrhea meant we called the doctors again.

She has been taken by ambulance to the Medical Assessment Ward of Calderdale Royal.

9 thoughts on “Hospitalised again

  1. Lindsay

    Elaine, you are a fantastic woman, I really hope something can be found which will stop these awful side effects.

    Thinking of you

    Lotsa of love Lindsay

  2. nadine


    Chris – thank you so much for keeping the site updated at this difficult time.

    Hoping that Elaine gets well very soon.

    Please let her know that ‘we’ on the outside world are thinking of her.

    Love Nadinex

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