Hospital – day two

Elaine is still very poorly but this evening says she thinks there has been some improvement. She has managed to hold down a yoghurt at lunchtime and an ice-cream (!) this evening – only the second day she has eaten anything in the past week. Her nausea has subsided for the moment.

Tomorrow morning, they are moving her to Cookridge. She was given a choice but we felt that Cookridge would give her better treatment – and she said the consultant who did the round at her ward at Calderdale Royal was a Lancelot Sprat type creature.

2 thoughts on “Hospital – day two

  1. nadine


    Thanks for update on Elaine’s progress. Keeping my fingers crossed that she continues to rally. The transfer to Cookridge should make her feel better anyway!

    Thinking of you both.


  2. SueV

    Just very best wishes -must be so tough for you all. Elaine -hoping you get 1stclass treatment and get back to the veggie equivalent of meat+2veg asap. Much appreciated that you are keeping us posted like this, Chris.
    SueV x

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