Hospital – day three

Nothing is certain till it happens. Cookridge got too busy to take Elaine – there were no beds available. So she is still at Calderdale Royal. But she seemed much better. And is now eating small amounts of food quite regularly, without the nausea. We feel that there is a chance she might be able to come home tomorrow or Sunday. But nothing is certain . . . .

One of the doctors she saw introduced himself as Dr Stalin. Elaine had to ask. It seemed that the southern part of India where he came from was, in the 30s, full of communists. Many people named their children Stalin, and it has remained a popular name in the area.

7 thoughts on “Hospital – day three

  1. Marissa

    Sorry to hear that you are still in Calderdale Elaine. I know how much you hate it thee. Hoping you are well enough to come home soon xx

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