Home again

I was delighted this afternoon when Elaine told me on the phone that they were discharging her and that I could come and get her. We arrived back home just after six, and Elaine’s vitality is very much better today than it has been over the past few days. There have been times in the past few weeks when Elaine was not up to talking with people so it is good to be able to hear Elaine’s socialising (we have a couple of visitors) nearly three hours after we returned home.

6 thoughts on “Home again

  1. Jaqui Luxton

    I am so so sorry to hear via Lindsay about Elaine today! I have been writing to her recently with a view to helping her by some distant healing and Reiki. I also sent her my small manuscript. All this she relished and decided that it did help, I can only say that I hope it did with all my heart.
    I am very sad and sorry to hear this news, I was only just getting to know Elaine, she was starting to talk to me about her life and times and achievements and inner feelings at quite a depth, this is because of the distant work I was trying to do. Although I have never met her, as I am living in South Africa, she has touched my being and I feel that I have known her for a long time, she mentioned that she felt the same. She will be sadly missed by me, but I am sure that she is never going to be far away. My condolences to her family and other friends, may peace be with her and you. Kind regards Jaqui Luxton.

  2. impis

    Hi Elaine –

    I’m sorry that you’ve been in and out of the hospital recently. Glad to see you’ve come out – we’ve missed your comments on TES and INFET –

    Hopefully the sunshine [fingers crossed it stays around awhile] will help you feel even better.

  3. mrs chips

    I’m pleased too! Keep warm and cosy, and start thinking about a change of scenery when you are feeling brighter. The latest research shows that a holiday actually boosts one’s immune system, so get booking!

  4. nadine

    I am so pleased to hear that Elaine is home. I have been checking in every day, twice a day to get some news! What good news. I wish I lived nearer and I could visit you. Oh well, I am a ‘cyber visitor’.

    Will write to you soon Elaine.

    Take care,

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