Results day

After all the negative results I have had in the past few days it was great to have an uplifting one!

Yesterday, 16th of August, Morgan got his A level results from Greenhead College – six grade As! Yes 6 As in Philosophy, English Language & Literature, Medieval History, Politics, Sociology and General Studies. He took so many because General Studies is compulsory and he was so interested in all the subjects he was doing that he didn’t want to give up any of them. They give students their marks these days, and each subject was 94% or more.

He has always been an academic and intelligent person but the last couple of years at Greenhead have developed him so much and it has been exciting to see him discovering the joys of the intellectual life as we ourselves did so many years ago now. Morgan was interviewed by the Halifax Evening Courier and made today’s front page! You can read the online article here.

His entry into Greenhead coincided with the diagnosis of my illness which he has coped with so well. Here’s hoping to see him graduate.

I was rather annoyed with myself yesterday when about 5 yards away from the main door of the college I fell again. I have no idea why. I scraped my nose, burst my lip, have a bump on my head and felt as if my teeth had been knocked out. Fortunately they hadn’t been. My glasses will have to be replaced because of bad scratching on my plastic lenses. The dentist examined me today and said it looks like I have been “very fortunate” as he can’t see anything that needs immediate attention. Return in a fortnight for an X ray to see if they have fully tightened on their own. My elbows are also strained. Phoned for one of my Park Attwood Clinic appointments (See earlier post) where Dr. A who I spoke with said that she felt I should ask for a neurological examination as well. I know what she’s thinking and the idea of brain cancer too feels just too terrifying.

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